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길미(Gilme) - Standing Still

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Gilme - My Turn

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GILME (길미) - Success [Don’t Kill My Vibe]

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Gilme - Shut ur Mouth

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SwingB - 알로하 Love (Aloha Love)

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Artist: Belle Epoque (벨 에포크)
Song: April Morning (4월 아침)
Album: 1집 Sundays (일요일들)

The thing I love most about this song is its sheer versatility. I love how it sounds both happy and sad at the same time. Belle Epoque translates from French to mean “Beautiful Age”. Just like this dreamy stage name, listening to Belle Epoque’s songs I feel guided into a reverie. Her music is truly enchanting.

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140729 Acoustic Vers. of ‘I NEED YOU’

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140725 - sad movie (b2st) on music bank

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